5 Hacks To Grow Your Communication Skills

5 Hacks To Grow Your Communication Skills

Communication skills play a key role in personal as well as professional lives. It makes you stand out from others. Whether it’s a sales, teaching, or consulting job, You have to communicate on regular basis. Even recruiters nowadays seek candidates who possess high communication skill sets, that can provide value to their organizations,

If you are someone who feels that they lack good communication skills, this article is for you!

Why Do People Lack Communication Skills?

Let’s understand first why most people lack communication skills. One of the key reasons is ‘Humans think faster than they speak’. That means our minds work faster than our mouths. That also means that we get easily distracted by our thoughts. For example – you might be physically present in a meeting but mentally you are somewhere else.

How To Improve Communication Skills?

So, let’s dive into the topic further and see how you can boost your confidence to new levels by improving your communication skills.

  • Be An Active Listener: Be active while listening to other people. Focus on practicing active instead of passive listening. When you listen carefully, it makes you answer the questions accurately. Some of the characteristics of an active listener include staying focused, asking questions, providing feedback, etc.
  • Maintain Positive Body Posture: Imagine you are talking to someone but the other person looking somewhere else. How would you feel? This is why maintaining positive body language is very crucial. A few tips to maintain a positive body posture include smiling, matching your body language with your tone, and maintaining eye contact.
  • Practising Paraphrasing: The best way to reply to someone without repeating the same words is to practice paraphrasing. This is a great way to make sure you get all the details right and also improves your vocabulary.
  • Be Clear: You have to be clear with your words and ideas. Providing clarity also makes you sound professional and trustworthy. It prevents misunderstanding and helps you deliver the message smoothly.
  • Practise, Practise, and Practise: Learn new words, meet new people, practice in front of the mirror, and get out of your comfort to improve your communication gaps. Keep practicing and improving.

To Sum It Up

Communication skills are a must to have skills today. By practicing these effective tips you can boost your skills to new levels that would make you stand unique from your competitors.

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