5 Lessons for Thriving in IT Consulting: Straight from a Pro!


With a career spanning over two decades and hundreds of assignments in IT consulting, I’ve learned some invaluable lessons that have been pivotal to my success. Whether you’re an aspiring IT consultant or a seasoned pro, understanding these five crucial lessons can help you elevate your game. So let’s dive in!

Lesson 1: Consulting is a Relationship Game

🤝 Why It Matters:

In the world of IT consulting, your skills will get you in the door, but it’s your relationships that will seal the deal. Clients want to work with someone they can trust.

🎯 Actionable Insight:

Build genuine, long-lasting relationships with your clients. Don’t just view each project as a transaction, but rather as an opportunity to make a lasting impact.

Lesson 2: Your Client Determines How They Are Willing to Accept Your Services

🎯 Why It Matters:

Understanding your client’s needs, preferences, and pain points is critical to delivering services in a way that resonates with them.

🎯 Actionable Insight:

Always tailor your approach based on your client’s specific needs and organizational culture. Keep open lines of communication to ensure you’re meeting their expectations.

Lesson 3: Be Flexible and Adaptable

🛠️ Why It Matters:

In the fast-paced, ever-changing IT world, rigidity can be your worst enemy. Being adaptable will help you navigate challenges more effectively.

🎯 Actionable Insight:

Learn to pivot your strategies and techniques as situations evolve. Being flexible can often mean the difference between a project’s success and failure.

Lesson 4: Your Technical Skills Are Never Understood by Your Clients; Show Your Personal Side More

🎨 Why It Matters:

While your technical skills are invaluable, they’re often not fully understood by your clients. What they do understand and appreciate are your soft skills—your ability to communicate, empathize, and solve problems.

🎯 Actionable Insight:

Don’t just be the ‘tech’ person; be the ‘people’ person. Make your clients feel understood and valued, and they’ll value you in return.

Lesson 5: Every Touch Point with Your Client Matters; Perform Your Best

💎 Why It Matters:

From the initial pitch to the final project delivery, every interaction you have with your client is an opportunity to impress.

🎯 Actionable Insight:

Consistently deliver quality work, maintain open communication, and exceed expectations whenever possible. The cumulative effect of these touch points can make or break a relationship.

Bonus Lesson: If You Can’t Communicate Clearly and in Time, You Won’t Be Needed

Why It Matters:

Timely and clear communication is essential in consulting. Miss out on this, and you could find yourself replaced quickly.

🎯 Actionable Insight:

Set communication guidelines with your clients at the beginning of each project. Make sure you’re consistently reachable and clear in your messaging.


In the high-stakes world of IT consulting, your technical skills might give you an edge, but it’s your soft skills and client relationships that will make you a standout consultant. Apply these lessons in your journey, and you’ll not only become an invaluable resource to your clients but also enjoy a fulfilling, prosperous career.

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