How To Get Into IT From A Non-IT Background

How To Get Into IT From A Non-IT Background

Information Technology is a rewarding, evergreen, and challenging career. Many employees are changing their career to IT from a non-IT background because of handsome salaries, better work-life culture as compared to other job roles. However, many are still stuck in the thoughts of getting to IT as they feel IT is all about technology and coding, Which is not true!

In this article, we discuss how a working professional can get into IT from a non-IT background.

Understanding Information Technology Job Roles

First, we should clear the air by understanding the jobs that do not require any prior IT experience. Some of the common career options are

  • IT Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Organization Change Manager

Such job roles do not require technical degrees or language certification like Java, C++, and so on. All you need is skills like data interpretation, leadership, communication, critical thinking, decision-making, and creative planning. The job roles can be changed depending on the nature of a project but the base remains the same.

What Should You Do to Start Your Career in IT?

To start your career in IT, there are various steps you need to follow and challenges, you need to conquer.

  1. Enroll in Certifications: Having degrees is an asset but certifications boost your value to new levels in the job market. If you want to get into IT, enroll yourself in IT certification courses like Certified Professional Consultant (CPC) or Professional Consultant Accelerator Program (PCAP) to learn new skills and expertise.
  2. Learn How To Work On Devices: If you do not know how to operate computers or laptops, you might find it difficult to land your first job in IT. Learn the basic things about a PC that can help you to understand the functioning of a digital device. Since you will be dealing with a lot of clients remotely, you need to master the skills of working on a computer.
  3. Be Open To New Learning: Develop a learning mindset as you will be starting from the base level. Be open to new things and explore new opportunities to get a better view of the areas you lack. As you will be starting from the bottom, most probably in a junior position. You need to be grounded and coachable.
  4. Find a Mentor: Don’t neglect the power of making new connections or networking. Various industry giants can guide you through your new career transformation journey via their vast IT knowledge and experience.
  5. Reexamine Your Past Experience: You would have some skills that you are not aware of while working in your previous organizations. It is better to reexamine your past workings and make a note of skills you have learned and mastered. It could be soft skills like effective communication, and leadership, or software skills like MS Office, CRM, etc.

Ready To Start Your Career Transformation Journey?

If you are an experienced individual who wants to step into IT with their current working experience,

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