How To Get Recognized For Your Achievements & Performances

Get Recognized For Your Achievements & Performances

Working professionals have to showcase their value & potential to keep themselves in the game. They have to meet certain deadlines and expectations of their employers. Many employees lose their jobs because they didn’t keep a track of their work and accomplishments. So, how can you save your job and get work recognition for your efforts & hard work?

In this article, we discuss how you can get recognition in the workplace and why it is important for your career.

What is meant by Work Recognition?

Work Recognition refers to the acknowledgment of a worker’s performance at work. It could be done by the employer, a co-worker, or management in the form of appreciation emails, rewards, promotions, or goodies.

How To Get Work Recognition?

There are various strategies by which you can showcase your worth to your employers at work

  1. Participate in Discussions: Communicate regularly and participate in discussions with your manager to ensure they get updates on your completed tasks. For example, you can email or call them about your work progress.
  1. Be Responsible & Accountable: Focus on the given tasks and complete them within the given time frame. Don’t procrastinate and show your employers that you’re a responsible and accountable team member.
  1. Help Your Co-Workers: If you find someone struggling with their work, help or guide them with the correct approach. For example- Most of the newly hired employees find it difficult and struggle to keep up with the tasks. You can guide them and motivate them with your experience.
  1. Recognize Your Co-Workers: Make sure you appreciate and recognize your co-workers. This will help you to maintain good relationships and a healthy work culture.
  1. Celebrate Your Accomplishments: Acknowledge your small wins. Celebrate it with your family and friends. You can tell your efforts & desired outcomes of a project to the management in your meetings. This would also help you to get work recognition from your employers.

Importance of Work Recognition

  • Work Recognition boosts your inner potential by motivating you to get the best out of yourself.
  • It boosts your confidence to a whole new level.
  • It helps you get promotions and increments, which play a key role in uplifting your standards of living.
  • It helps you in your career growth journey.


Work Recognition refers to positive feedback for your constant efforts to complete a project or the organizational goals. Similarly, employers and managers need to recognize their employees’ work. This enhances the relationship between the team which results in the overall development of the company.

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