Is Business Analyst a demanding career in 2023?

Is Business Analyst a demanding career in 2023

Business Analyst is a valuable and challenging career, that needs an advanced skillset and vast industry knowledge to interpret raw data into meaningful and useful data for businesses.

But is it a demanding career?

And why every IT expert should possess business analysis skills?

Read this article to know the answers.

What is Business Analysis?

Business Analysis refers to the practice of developing information and interpreting raw data into more structured data to help businesses achieve desired results.  For example- data analytics, measurement, calculation, and solution design.

Reasons to become a Business Analyst

Some of the common reasons why you should opt for Business Analyst as your career:

  • High Salaries: This career requires vast skills and knowledge and in return, you receive high salaries, perks, and a lavish lifestyle. According to the reports, the average salary of a business analyst in Canada is $ 65,000.
  • More Independence: Business Analysts do not have to work at fixed hours. They enjoy a high level of independence in choosing the projects or organizations, they want to work with.
  • New Growth Opportunities: You have to showcase your skills to improve your organization’s practices. You have to be creative to face such challenges very carefully, which opens new room for growth and learning.
  • Boost Your Connections: As an analyst, you work with various people from different departments which helps you to make new connections and meet new people.


According to the studies, It is a top-growing career in Canada. It is expected to grow from 7% to 14% in the next 2 years. That means you will have more opportunities to elevate your career as a Business Analyst.

If you have the necessary skills like Excellent Communication, Data Reading, Leadership, Creative Planning, Stakeholder Analysis, Decision Making, and Collaboration. You can easily make your name in this industry.

How To become a Business Analyst

If you’re looking to start your career as a Business Analyst, you need to upskill yourself. Since you will be hired by a company to solve its issues. You can not rely on guesswork.

Our certification programs make you learn new skills and practical experience, that can help you to start your career as a BA. 

Scholarships are available for eligible students.

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