The Power Of Professional Networking In The IT Industry

Power Of Professional Networking In The IT Industry

Many people confuse Computer Networking with Professional Networking. Sending multiple requests on social media platforms is not called Professional Networking. Networking happens at an event, during office hours, or through professional communities. It can happen with strangers, co-workers, team members, and so on.

Networking is essential to connect with new people who can help you with your job search or find new customers for your business.

If you’re wondering what you gain through networking,

The answer is ‘Referrals’ which play an important role in various areas of your career. Especially if you’re an IT Professional. Referrals help in gaining new projects and assignments.

In this article, we discuss why Professional Networking is important and how you can become an expert networker.

Importance Of Networking

  • Make You Recognizable: Regularly attending events and professional gatherings makes you recognizable. You can build your professional profile by showing them your communication skills, industry knowledge, and expertise.
  • Gets Expert Career Advice: Connecting with industry Professionals opens doors for new discussions related to your career, job/business challenges, and work-related queries. Their valuable suggestions and feedback can put you in the right direction.
  • Build Your Confidence: Meeting and communicating with new people boosts your confidence levels. Networking regularly helps in gaining social skills and self-confidence that make you face challenges confidently in life.
  • Answer To Every Question: Having access to a wide pool of professionals makes you confident that someone within your connections will be able to answer your questions. If you’re facing any work-related challenge, you can easily get the solutions and follow the feedback to complete the project timely.
  • Personal Brand Awareness: Networking increases your brand awareness in the market. Engaging regularly with people on social media platforms like LinkedIn or attending social events builds your brand reputation. This helps in gaining new projects for your brand.

How To Start Professional Networking

Here are a few tips to start your Professional Networking:

  • Don’t just make connections, establish a relationship
  • Give and Receive help
  • Follow up with your connections to know the outcome of the issues they are facing.
  • Don’t ask for a referral directly
  • Ask for career advice- not a JOB!
  • Do your homework and connect with professionals related to your industry
  • Follow your industry giants to upgrade your knowledge
  • Be Bold & Confident!
  • Engage consistently, don’t be a night owl.


With the increase in competition, it’s very important to keep yourself informed about the latest industry trends. Networking helps in gaining new skills and knowledge along with key career tips.

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