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Learn the Secrets to Building a Successful IT Consulting Business on Your Terms, Empowering You to Pursue the Life and Career You Deserve through the

Certified Professional Consultant (CPC) Program

CPC - Program - IIITC

Are you an IT professional in North America, feeling stuck in a full-time job that leaves you unfulfilled and longing for more?

Do you dream of becoming an IT consultant, starting your own consulting business, and gaining the freedom and flexibility to live life on your terms?

If you’re ready to take control of your future and break free from the constraints of a 9-5 job, the Comprehensive Professional Consultant (CPC) Program is here to guide you every step of the way.


The Comprehensive Professional Consulting (CPC) Program is an exclusive, invitation-only program designed for a select group of IT professionals who are committed to achieving extraordinary success in the IT consulting industry. To maintain the highest quality of training and personal attention, we require prospective students to meet specific qualifications before being considered for enrollment in the program.

To qualify for the CPC Program, you must:

  • Have at least 10 years of experience in the IT industry.
  • Earn an annual income of at least $60K.
  • Be based in North America.
  • Demonstrate proof of continuous learning and development in the last 2 years.
  • Possess the desire and drive to become wildly successful in IT.
  • Be coachable by our Master coach and mentor.
  • Be willing to put your ego aside and learn in a community that holds you accountable for your success.
  • Commit to completing assignments and challenges in a timely manner.
If you meet these criteria and are ready to embark on a transformative journey to launch your IT consulting business, we invite you to apply for the CPC Program. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from the best and join a community of like-minded professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams.

Get Started with The Consulting Pro Pack: Your First Step to Qualifying for the CPC Program

IIITC - Consulting Pro Pack

To ensure your success in the CPC Program, we require that you first invest in our Consulting Pro Pack, which provides essential tools, templates and resources to setup your business. By purchasing the Consulting Pro Pack, you’ll demonstrate your commitment to becoming a successful IT consultant and be one step closer to qualifying for the exclusive CPC Program.

To get started, simply click the button below and enter your details. You’ll be directed to our secure checkout page where you can purchase the Consulting Pro Pack. After your purchase, you’ll receive access to the Consulting Pro Pack and be added to the CPC Program waitlist. We’ll then review your qualifications and get in touch with you regarding the next steps for joining the CPC Program.

Check out our top students and their success stories:

The CPC Program is a 6-month, comprehensive curriculum specifically designed to help IT professionals like you successfully launch and grow an IT consulting business without quitting your day job. The program delves into the critical aspects of IT consulting, focusing on three essential areas: Mindset, Strategies and Tactic, combined with tools, resources and a community of professionals to develop you into a World-Class Consultant in IT.

In the CPC Program, you'll learn to:

  1. Cultivate a high-performance IT consulting mindset for a successful side business while keeping your full-time job.
  2. Uncover the secret psychology of IT consulting, gaining a competitive edge in the industry.
  3. Master proven strategies and tactics to build a thriving IT consulting business alongside your 9-5 commitments.
  4. Implement a professional IT consulting system to streamline service delivery and stand out from the competition.
  5. Leverage advanced IT consulting secrets for long-term success that most consultants never master.
  6. Deeply understand clients and stakeholders, turning them into loyal fans and advocates for your business.
  7. Utilize powerful tools and resources for producing top-quality deliverables in IT consulting projects.
  8. Quickly establish authority with clients, confidently planning, executing, and delivering outstanding results.
  9. Become an invaluable IT consultant that clients are eager to retain.
  10. Operate like a personal brand, using strategic marketing techniques to boost your reputation within the industry.
  11. Create new business opportunities through IT consulting, generating a steady stream of income.
  12. Develop multiple income streams and expert positioning that attracts clients’ recognition and trust.
  13. Forge lasting professional relationships that lead to lifelong business opportunities and recurring income.

Many of our Students get their first Six Figure Consulting Client in about 4 – 5 months into the Program.

Upon completing the CPC Program, you’ll have a solid foundation in the mindset, strategies, and tactics necessary to excel as an IT consultant. You’ll be equipped with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to start and grow your consulting business, attract high-value clients, and ultimately transition from your day job to a fulfilling career as an IT consultant. With the skills and expertise gained through the CPC Program, you’ll be ready to make a lasting impact in the IT consulting world and create the life you’ve always envisioned.

Program Details

CPC - Module 1

MODULE 1 - Dominate Life with a High-Performance Consulting Mindset

Learn the essential mindset shifts required to excel in the IT consulting world, and discover how adopting a high-performance consulting mindset can transform your career and help you dominate your professional and personal life.
CPC - Module (2)

MODULE 2 - The Secret Psychology of Consulting

Unlock the hidden secrets of the consulting psychology, and understand the mental frameworks and thought processes that successful IT consultants use to navigate complex projects and deliver exceptional results.
CPC - Module (3)

MODULE 3 - IT Works the Way It Works!

Master the foundational strategies that govern the IT consulting landscape, and gain an in-depth understanding of the industry-specific dynamics that shape the way IT consulting projects are planned and executed.

MODULE 4 - The Professional Consulting System

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the professional consulting system and learn how to create a structured and systematic approach to delivering outstanding IT consulting services that exceed client expectations.

MODULE 5 - The Professional Consulting Service Delivery Framework

Dive into the tactical aspects of IT consulting, and learn how to implement a proven service delivery framework that ensures seamless project execution and consistently generates exceptional outcomes for your clients.

MODULE 6 - Advanced Consulting Secrets Most Conventional Consultants Never Master

Get ahead of your competition by uncovering advanced consulting secrets that most conventional IT consultants never master, giving you a competitive edge and setting you on the path to becoming an in-demand IT consultant.

MODULE 7 - Bonus Supplementation Training (6)

Gain access to six bonus training sessions covering vital topics like using your resume for business development, marketing secrets for IT professionals, using social media to attract high paying clients, building your personal brand in IT, leveraging AI to maximize your reach and productivity, marketing secrets for introverts and much more. These supplementary training sessions will enhance your overall IT consulting skills and prepare you for a successful career in the industry.
Seize the opportunity to transform your IT career and achieve the freedom, flexibility, and success you’ve always desired. Enroll in the CPC Program today and begin building the consulting business that will change your life!

Meet Your IT Consulting Coach: Sabrish Chand

Sabrish Chand

For the last 22 years as a professional IT consultant, Sabrish Chand has enjoyed remarkable success in transforming his client’s businesses. He has accomplished this by accommodating a portfolio of services which include:

  • Private Consulting & Coaching Sessions
  • Training & Coaching Programs
  • Digital Courses, Tools, and Resources
  • Community & Augmented Learning
  • Job Placements & Career Advancements.

If you are ready to make a career-changing decision … to secure a financially confident future that pays you a six-figure income for the rest of your life … and you fit the eligibility criteria above … purchase the Consultant pro pack to get on the waitlist today.

This is your opportunity to learn about the most in-demand consulting niche that rewards you with the excellent compensation you set for yourself. (You can realistically earn more than the majority of the top CEOs in the IT industry while working less)

And the best part is … most people aren’t even aware Consulting in IT exists so you will have little competition.

Don’t miss out! Get on the waitlist today!

What Entrepreneurs and Clients Across the World Say About: Sabrish Chand

“Sabrish is very detailed and can give you a step by step roadmap”

– Dev Sethi
CEO – Wealth On Command, Australia

“I highly recommend Sabrish for his experience and expertise in IT”

– Joel Shee
CEO – Thats IT, Singapore

“Sabrish is very organized, very detailed and an incredible business man with a tender heart! He genuinely cares for you”

– Patricia Bartell
CEO – Diamond Legacy Mentorship, USA

“Sabrish made me realize that going slow is the ultimate way to scale my brand and my business”

– Tiziano Benvenuti
CEO – Make Money Organization, Italy


The CPC Program is specifically designed for IT professionals in North America with at least 10 years of experience and a minimum annual income of $60K. The program is best suited for those who are committed to continuous learning, personal growth, and becoming successful IT consultants so they don’t have to work in jobs they don’t like and / or to work in jobs that suck their life for a meager low pay in return.
The CPC Program is a comprehensive 6-month training and coaching program that covers various aspects of IT consulting, including mindset, strategies, and tactics. The program is designed to help you build a strong foundation for launching your IT consulting business without having to quit your full-time job. Although, many of our Students get their first Six Figure Consulting clients even before their finish the program
The Consulting Pro Pack is a valuable collection of resources, tools, templates, and checklists that will help you setup your IT consulting business. By investing in the Consulting Pro Pack, you’ll demonstrate your commitment to becoming a successful IT consultant and take the first step toward qualifying for the exclusive CPC Program.
To get on the waitlist for the CPC Program, you’ll first need to purchase the Consulting Pro Pack (OTO1) by clicking the “Get On the Waitlist and Purchase the Consulting Pro Pack” button. After completing your purchase, you’ll be added to the waitlist, and will be invited to our apply in the program along with exclusive access to a live masterclass with our Master Consultant and Coach Sabrish Chand to finalize fitment.
Throughout the CPC Program, you’ll receive guidance and support from our experienced Master coach and mentor, as well as access to a community of like-minded professionals who are also committed to becoming successful IT consultants. This support network will help you stay accountable, learn from the experiences of others, and remain motivated throughout your journey.


Our commitment to our students doesn’t end with providing breakthrough education, personal development, and skill development. We are committed to hand-holding them to get their first client and sometimes getting them placed with clients we know and we do business with, on an as-needed basis. All job placements are channeled through our placements partner: Inthera Consulting

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