Demystify Your Consulting Financials with Our Calculators
Turn Your Numbers into Knowledge. Unlock Financial Clarity in Your Consulting Journey.

Why Our Calculators Are Your Secret Weapon

Welcome to a vault of calculators specifically engineered for IT professionals transitioning to consulting roles. If you’ve ever scratched your head trying to figure out what your consulting fees should be or the real cost of sticking with a job over a consulting opportunity, you’re in the right place.

  • 01. Consulting Fees Calculator:
    01. Consulting Fees Calculator:

    Don’t undervalue your worth. Know exactly what to charge for your time and expertise.

  • 02. Cost of Inaction Calculator:
    02. Cost of Inaction Calculator:

    Calculate the real cost of delaying your transition into consulting and make informed decisions.

  • 03. Hourly Pay Calculator:
    03. Hourly Pay Calculator:

    Understand your true earning potential on an hourly basis and compare it with a traditional employment setup.

Numbers don’t lie, but understanding them can be tricky. That’s why we’ve developed a range of calculators that target your most pressing financial queries. Each calculator is rooted in years of field experience and tailored for the specific challenges and opportunities in IT consulting.

Here’s what you can dig into:

These calculators are more than just number-crunchers; they’re your financial compass guiding you through the uncertain terrains of consulting. Start Calculating Your Success Now


Consulting Fees Calculator

Stop guessing your worth. Use this calculator to pinpoint your optimal consulting fees based on your skills,
experience, and market demand.

Cost of Inaction (COI) Calculator

Every moment counts. Discover the hidden costs of delaying your transition into consulting.
The numbers may surprise you.

Hourly Pay Calculator

Unlock the secret to your earning potential. Compare your hourly rate in a traditional job versus a
consulting role.


At IIITC, we celebrate your journey towards professional freedom and autonomy with industry-recognized digital badges and certificates. But the most rewarding accomplishment? Achieving a state of professional freedom where you dictate your schedule, your clients, and your income. With our rigorous IIITC program, unlock the doors to a six-figure income, enabling you to live life on your own terms while excelling in your consulting business. These aren’t just certificates; they’re your passport to financial self-sufficiency and professional freedom.


Christiane Latchieu
Christiane Latchieu Agile Transformation Expert

“I knew I had something, but wasn’t sure how to take my career to next level…The CPC program has changed my life! I now realize my value and am able to confidently pursue multiple six figure opportunities on my own”

Matt Reid Technical & Cloud Expert

“I wanted to break out of my shell…The CPC program has revealed my strengths and weaknesses to me…I now know what exactly to work on and the path I need to take to make my six figure income dream possible”

Olumide Ajala
Olumide Ajala Business Analysis Expert

“I joined the CPC program to learn about consulting in Canada, and this is not just incremental but transformational learning! I look at consulting very differently now and positioning myself to attract multiple six-figure opportunities.”

Kaase Gbakon
Kaase Gbakon Data & Business Intelligence Expert

“I joined CPC to learn how to monetize my skills as a consultant, without wasting time exploring! The CPC program has shown me the path to consulting and has given me a community I can count on”

Afoakwa Nkrumah-Ababio
Afoakwa Nkrumah-Ababio Finance & Data Expert

“I had to pivot in my career and wanted to get into IT in Canada, the CPC program has been very enlightening, showing me I can become self sufficient while confidently pursuing my own consulting opportunities ”

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