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In the rapidly evolving world of IT, professionals are hungrier than ever to move beyond traditional roles and step into the lucrative space of consulting. Yet, the path to becoming a top-tier consultant isn't always clear-cut. If you're wondering what your fellow IT professionals are doing right now to pivot their careers, you might be surprised:

Academic Certifications:

Earning a PMP or CBAP seems like the logical first step for many. But can these credentials really equip you with the dynamic skill set you'll need to navigate the ever-changing IT landscape?

Books & Online Courses:

Sure, self-education platforms like Udemy, Coursera and LinkedIn offer endless courses. But who's mentoring you? Who's holding you accountable for what you've learned?

Consultancy Firms:

Some decide to dip their toes in the water by joining an existing firm. Although it provides industry exposure, it's not the same as running your own show.


The classic "it’s not what you know, it’s who you know" approach. But without a structured plan, even the best connections can't assure long-term success.

MBA Programs:

Time-consuming and expensive, an MBA might deliver theoretical knowledge but lacks the practical insights that come from real-world experience.

Trial and Error:

Diving in headfirst without a safety net may sound daring but often results in wasted time and lost revenue.

Are these approaches wrong? Not necessarily. Are they the most efficient and effective ways to pivot your IT career into a six-figure consultancy business? Definitely not.

Our Core Programs offer a strategic roadmap designed to propel you from IT professional to high-earning consultant, all while avoiding the common pitfalls that many encounter.

Elevate Your IT Consulting Journey With Our Core Programs

Ready to trade that traditional IT career for the freedom and financial reward of consulting? Our Core Programs are designed to equip you with the necessary skills, tools, and insights to successfully transition and thrive in the consulting world. Choose the stage that resonates with your current situation:

Stage 1:
Duration: 3 Months
Six-Figure Consultancy Launch Program
Ready, Set, Launch!
If you're just starting your consultancy journey, this program serves as your launchpad. Understand the IT consultancy market, identify your sellable experience, and create your first offer.

Stage 2:
Duration: 6 Months
Six-Figure Consultancy Propulsion Program (Formerly Known As CPC)
Ignite and Soar!
You've started, now it's time to grow. Activate your brand, set up a lead generation system, draft proposals, and more, all while learning from a mentor who has been there and done that.

Stage 3:
Duration: 12 Months
Six-Figure Consultancy Scale Program
Maximize and Multiply!
This is where you turn a functioning consultancy into a booming business. Develop backend offers, upsell services, build your team, and implement systems that create a truly scalable business.

What Sets Our Programs Apart? Unlock Unique Benefits Tailored for IT Professionals

You might be pondering, "Why should I choose Six-Figure Consultancy Programs over traditional IT certifications or MBA programs?" We're glad you asked! Here's how we stack up:

Stage-Wise Progression Your career and business growth are not linear; they are stages in a journey. Unlike one-size-fits-all certifications like PMP or CBAP, our programs provide a customized, stage-by-stage roadmap to meet you exactly where you are.
Industry-Specific Expertise Tired of sifting through irrelevant information? Our programs are crafted by IT experts for IT experts. Here, you'll dive deep into industry-specific knowledge that makes a real difference.
Hands-On Business Training We go beyond technical skills and managerial methodologies. Our programs come with comprehensive business training to prepare you for the entrepreneurial highs and lows of IT consulting.
Tailored One-on-One Coaching Learning is always better when tailored to you. That's why we offer monthly one-on-one coaching sessions with industry veterans—something rarely seen in traditional courses.
Supplementary Training IT changes fast. Our monthly supplementary programs keep you current and sharp, a sustained value-add you won't find in traditional educational settings.
Done-For-You Services Get ready for actionable training. We provide real-world services like brand creation and SEO, so you can focus more on growing your business and less on administrative tasks.
Flexible Time Commitment We understand you have a life outside of this program. That's why our stages offer flexibility in time commitment, so you can fit learning and growth into your busy schedule.
Community and Network Never underestimate the power of a strong network. Our programs come with a built-in, industry-specific community, invaluable in the consulting world.
Actionable Frameworks Get your hands on proprietary frameworks for setting up and scaling your consulting business, a critical feature not offered by traditional educational paths.
Legalities and Agreements We even delve into the nitty-gritty. Learn how to draft legal agreements, proposals, and other crucial documents often overlooked in academic courses.

Ready to step out of the ordinary and step into extraordinary? Unlock these unique benefits and more when you join our Core Programs.

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Christiane Latchieu
Christiane Latchieu Agile Transformation Expert

“I knew I had something, but wasn’t sure how to take my career to next level…The CPC program has changed my life! I now realize my value and am able to confidently pursue multiple six figure opportunities on my own”

Matt Reid Technical & Cloud Expert

“I wanted to break out of my shell…The CPC program has revealed my strengths and weaknesses to me…I now know what exactly to work on and the path I need to take to make my six figure income dream possible”

Olumide Ajala
Olumide Ajala Business Analysis Expert

“I joined the CPC program to learn about consulting in Canada, and this is not just incremental but transformational learning! I look at consulting very differently now and positioning myself to attract multiple six-figure opportunities.”

Kaase Gbakon
Kaase Gbakon Data & Business Intelligence Expert

“I joined CPC to learn how to monetize my skills as a consultant, without wasting time exploring! The CPC program has shown me the path to consulting and has given me a community I can count on”

Afoakwa Nkrumah-Ababio
Afoakwa Nkrumah-Ababio Finance & Data Expert

“I had to pivot in my career and wanted to get into IT in Canada, the CPC program has been very enlightening, showing me I can become self sufficient while confidently pursuing my own consulting opportunities ”

Who Are Our Programs Designed For? Is This You?

Wondering if our Core Programs are the right fit for you? Our tailored offerings are perfect for a diverse range of IT professionals. Here's who will benefit the most:

1 / Mid-Career IT Professionals

Are you aged between 35-50 and feel like your career has plateaued? If you're seeking more control and diversified income, you've come to the right place.

2 / Highly Skilled but Underpaid

Feel like you're not getting the financial rewards your skills deserve? Leverage those skills for profit through our specialized training.

3 / Geographically Flexible

Open to working with clients from different corners of the world? Our programs give you the tools to operate on a global scale.

4 / Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Always dreamed of running your own business but didn't know how to make the shift? Consider this your roadmap to entrepreneurship.

5 / Value Long-Term Success

Understand that building a successful consulting business is a marathon, not a sprint? Our comprehensive, multi-stage program is for you.

6 / Focused on Personal Branding

Realize the immense value of personal branding in the digital age? We offer the tools to build a brand that resonates.

7 / Open to Learning

Recognize that the IT industry is ever-evolving and you need to keep up? Our continual training ensures you stay ahead.

8 / Financially Invested

Understand the concept of high ROI and willing to invest upfront for long-term gains? Your investment is safe and profitable here.

9 / Ready for Ownership

Tired of corporate politics and the limitations of a 9-5 job? Gain the autonomy you've been yearning for.

10 / Action-Oriented

Eager to not just learn but to apply what you learn? Our actionable steps and strategies are built for go-getters like you.

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“Sabrish is very organized, very detailed and an incredible business man with a tender heart! He genuinely cares for you”

– Patricia Bartell
CEO – Diamond Legacy Mentorship, USA

“Sabrish made me realize that going slow is the ultimate way to scale my brand and my business”

– Tiziano Benvenuti
CEO – Make Money Organization, Italy

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