Elevate Your IT Career to a New Paradigm of Success

Embrace The Six Figure Consultant™ Identity

A Six Figure Consultant is more than just a title; it's an identity for IT Professionals and Contractors who have transcended traditional boundaries. They leverage their technical skills and people skills to create value-driven, premium offers. This identity represents ambition, success, and the freedom to choose your path.

Who is a Six Figure Consultant?

A Six Figure Consultant is a professional in the IT industry who has embraced entrepreneurship, offering premium services that yield a revenue between $100,000 and $999,999. They command respect, deliver unparalleled value, and enjoy professional autonomy.

Six Figures refers to an income range between $100,000 and $999,999. In the context of Six Figure Consulting, it symbolizes success, financial freedom, and a premium service level that goes beyond mere technical execution.

Why Six Figure Consulting?

Financial Freedom:

Earn a six-figure income (between $100,000 and $999,999) that funds your dream lifestyle, providing the means to live comfortably and invest in your passions.

Professional Autonomy:

Operate on your terms, selecting projects and clients that align with your values and expertise, while enjoying the freedom to innovate and lead.

Personal Fulfillment:

Control your destiny, make impactful decisions, and find satisfaction in delivering solutions that truly make a difference.

Influential Relationships:

Build strong connections with industry leaders, potential clients, and fellow professionals, creating a network that fosters growth and collaboration. 

Micro-Celebrity Status and Recognition:

Position yourself as a thought leader in your field, earning recognition for your expertise and contributions, and becoming a sought-after voice in the industry. 

Why is Six Figure Consulting Globally Recognized?

Who is looking for Six Figure Consultants?

How Are Six Figure Consultants Different?

IT Employee IT Contractor Six Figure Consultant
Identity & Mindset Focused on singular tasks and job security Often acts as a temporary or part-time employee Embodies entrepreneurship, continuous growth, and premium service offerings
Income & Lifestyle Salary-based, limited to one employer Varied contracts but may lack stability Potential for six-figure revenue, control over time, and a diversified client base
Skill Utilization Technical skills with limited scope Mix of technical and soft skills but within fixed boundaries Comprehensive mastery of technical, soft, and business skills that adapt to various domains and industries
Client Relations Limited client interaction, working within company structure Works directly with clients but often on short-term projects Builds long-term relationships, offering premium, personalized solutions that align with client needs
Professional Growth Flexibility in choosing contracts but may lack consistency Linear career growth, limited opportunities Constant evolution, learning from diverse experiences, and crafting a unique professional path
Why Clients Choose This Identity For routine tasks and consistent output For specialized, temporary needs For strategic, value-driven solutions that align with long-term goals and offer unrivaled quality

The Journey to Becoming a
Six Figure Consultant

1. Embrace the Identity

2. Adopt Entrepreneur Mindset

3. Master the Essentials

7. Experience a Professionally
Free Lifestyle

4. Build and Grow Service Offerings

5. Foster Professional Relationships

6. Build Communities

7. Experience a Professionally
Free Lifestyle

How To Embark On This Journey?

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