Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Becoming a Six Figure Consultant™

We understand that changing your career and taking a new path can raise many questions. So we have compiled the answers to the questions we frequently receive below for quick reference. It will help give you clarity about becoming a Six Figure Consultant™ and confidence in your choice for your future.

This program is for anyone already in IT. You may be an employee performing the 9-5 grind whose skill set will soon be replaced by AI or a contractor, and you want to become a Six Figure Consultant™ to enjoy the freedom and lifestyle you choose. If you have had enough of working for someone else with no job security and a ceiling on your earning ability because someone else dictates what you are worth, then this program is for you.
This program was developed after Master Consultant, Sabrish Chand, discovered through his experience as a consultant that there was a lack of training available to help and guide him to be successful. As a result, he made many mistakes until he discovered what worked and documented it. This program is a practical compilation of the necessary training an individual needs to become a Six Figure Consultant™ based on real-world experience.
Sabrish stands out with his 22+ years of experience, personalized coaching, and commitment to student success. He offers a principles-based curriculum with a focus on implementation, community access for shared learning, and action-oriented, accountability-based coaching. This tailored approach ensures lasting, meaningful results and enables students to achieve their goals sooner, setting Sabrish apart from other coaches.
Sabrish’s uniqueness lies in his immigrant background, dedication to students, and personalized approach. Drawing from the top 1% and his own experiences, he teaches practical strategies that he implements in his own business, not just theory. Sabrish fosters genuine, long-lasting relationships with students, saves them years of trial and error, and accelerates their progress to ensure their success.
Absolutely, you’re on the right track! First, download our eBook “20 Consulting Subniches That Pay Six Figures For Life” to identify your niche. Next, invest in our Consulting Pro Pack for the essential tools and resources to prepare for your transition. Don’t worry, you can start your transition while keeping your current job. Click the button below to start your six figure consultant journey today
Yes, it will. When you complete this program, you will have the skills and knowledge to start your consulting business on a global scale. The coaching and mentoring you will receive from experienced consultants who have already paved the way for you to follow will give you the confidence to start your consulting business immediately. Knowing that you won’t make the mistakes that those who try to do it on their own will make gives you clarity about your direction and accelerates your success.
The biggest challenges people face when transitioning from corporate to consulting are: lack of clarity, lack of context, lack of confidence, and lack of commitment. This is why our CCC approach works. We provide clarity and context through our curriculum, boost confidence through group learning, and encourage commitment to timelines and actions to achieve their goals. We hold students accountable through ongoing coaching, ensuring a successful transition to consulting.
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