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What If You Could Create Autonomy In Your IT Career and Diversify Your Income?

Welcome to the era of Professional Freedom™ in IT Industry

Are you tired of being confined to a 9-5 job, with limited opportunities for career growth? Do you feel pigeonholed into a specific role or technology, hindering your ability to diversify your skill set? Are you sacrificing work-life balance just to meet arbitrary deadlines?

You’re not alone.

In this digital age, pledging your entire career to one employer is old school. It’s time to think beyond the conventional. With the right skills and knowledge, you can package your expertise into premium, high paying offers, earning far more while working less.

Whether You’re just starting out or are a seasoned professional, from launching your IT consulting career to scaling your expertise online, even thriving during uncertain times,


How to Professionalize Your Expertise With High-Paying IT Consulting Niches

Who says you have to be a jack of all trades and master of none in IT? Specialize in high-paying IT consulting niches, take control of your earnings and opportunities, and unlock your dream career and lifestyle.

Assess Your Readiness for Six-Figure Success in IT Consulting

Before you jump all in, wouldn’t it be reassuring to know how ready you are for a high-earning career in IT consulting? Take our self-assessment to prepare your consulting journey with confidence and clarity.

How Faraway Are You From Achieving Professional Freedom? Find Out Now

Ever wondered how your wealth measures against your time? Assess if you’re on track to accumulating wealth you need to unlock professional freedom in your life.

How to Unlock Your first $1M With A Proven Cheatsheet

The journey to a million dollars can be as tough as it’s exciting. Why reinvent the wheel? Follow the same time-tested steps I took to reach $1M. Ensure you stay focused and on course to unlocking your professional freedom

What Makes the IIITC Different?

Holistic Approach:
We don’t just focus on technical skills; we empower you with the life skills necessary to excel in business and career. We go deep.
Global Experience:
Benefit from the wisdom gained from over 100 assignments across various domains and industries across the world. We teach what we do.
Continuous Support:
Our commitment doesn’t end with training; we are your lifelong partners in success. We sell to build relationships.

Take charge of your future, and Start Your Journey to Professional Freedom™ in IT: Join Our FREE Training Classes Now! Experience the thrill of success, the joy of growth, and the freedom of professional independence. Embrace the IIITC way and redefine your career today.

Our Solutions for Your Professional Freedom™:

Embrace the New Era of IT Consulting – Discover how our tailored programs and services can liberate
you to experience a Six-Figure lifestyle in your IT career.

Your Path to Professional Freedom and Fulfillment Starts Here

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The IIITC: Trusted by IT Professionals across Canada


Christiane Latchieu
Christiane Latchieu Agile Transformation Expert

“I knew I had something, but wasn’t sure how to take my career to next level…The CPC program has changed my life! I now realize my value and am able to confidently pursue multiple six figure opportunities on my own”

Matt Reid Technical & Cloud Expert

“I wanted to break out of my shell…The CPC program has revealed my strengths and weaknesses to me…I now know what exactly to work on and the path I need to take to make my six figure income dream possible”

Olumide Ajala
Olumide Ajala Business Analysis Expert

“I joined the CPC program to learn about consulting in Canada, and this is not just incremental but transformational learning! I look at consulting very differently now and positioning myself to attract multiple six-figure opportunities.”

Kaase Gbakon
Kaase Gbakon Data & Business Intelligence Expert

“I joined CPC to learn how to monetize my skills as a consultant, without wasting time exploring! The CPC program has shown me the path to consulting and has given me a community I can count on”

Afoakwa Nkrumah-Ababio
Afoakwa Nkrumah-Ababio Finance & Data Expert

“I had to pivot in my career and wanted to get into IT in Canada, the CPC program has been very enlightening, showing me I can become self sufficient while confidently pursuing my own consulting opportunities ”


profit from tech: business skills training
Unlock Autonomy & High-Income
IT Consulting.

October 2023

AI unleased: transform career with ai
Integrate AI in Your
IT Practice.

October 2023

uncharted growth: diversify it skills
Diversify Skills for a Multifaceted
IT Career

13 September 2023 @ 6:00 PM MST


In today’s fast-paced IT consulting landscape, relying on a conventional 9-to-5 job offers only an illusion of financial security. For IT professionals looking to break into six-figure incomes or even millionaire status, traditional employment isn’t the path forward.

Wealth generation isn’t embedded in company policies or fixed salary structures. Successful IT consultants and millionaires didn’t reach their financial milestones by merely climbing a corporate ladder. They took calculated risks, diversified their skills, continuously invested in professional development, and leveraged their expertise to offer high-value consulting services.

Something we should learn from them!

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If you are dependent on one source of income, you are too close to the poverty!
In the unpredictable world of technology and IT consulting, having a single source of income is not just limiting; it's dangerous. Relying solely on a 9-to-5 job leaves you vulnerable to market shifts, company downsizing, and, most importantly, it severely caps your earning potential.


We know that switching careers and choosing a new path can lead to many questions. So we’ve gathered answers to common questions for easy reference. These answers will help you understand what it means to be a Six Figure Consultant™ and build confidence in your decision for your future.

Our programs are designed for anyone currently in the IT field. You could be an employee worried about AI taking over your job, or a contractor aspiring to become a Six Figure Consultant™ to enjoy a lifestyle of freedom and choice. If you’re tired of working for someone else, lack job security, and feel constrained by a capped income, then our programs are meant for you.

Great to hear! Start by selecting the appropriate category above – IT employee or IT contractor – and take a look at our programs to see what aligns with your career aspirations. If you meet the eligibility criteria for our programs, you’ll then arrange an interview with one of our program advisors. Once you’ve successfully passed this stage, the last step will involve crafting a strategic plan and embarking on your journey towards becoming a Six Figure Consultant™.

As you may have observed, layoffs are becoming increasingly common in the IT industry. This is largely due to the global competitiveness spurred on by digital transformation. Today’s organizations are aiming for leaner structures to swiftly adapt to fluctuating market trends. The rapid advancements in AI are reshaping the professional landscape, prompting organizations to seek top talent without committing to their long-term employment in the face of potential economic downturns.

Our programs, created by Master Consultant Sabrish Chand, fill the gaps he identified during his consulting journey. Sabrish noted a shortage of practical, experience-based training that could guide individuals towards success in consulting. The IIITC Academy Programs are a compilation of essential training drawn from real-world experiences, designed to transform you into a Six Figure Consultant™.

Absolutely. Upon completion of this program, you’ll acquire the skills and insights necessary to kickstart your global consulting business. Benefiting from the guidance and mentorship of seasoned consultants who have navigated this path before you instills confidence to initiate your consulting venture straight away. With this knowledge, you’ll avoid the pitfalls common to those who attempt this journey solo, ensuring a clear direction and expedited success.

While contracting often focuses on short-term, transactional engagements, consulting takes a more comprehensive and value-focused approach. Consulting involves a significant human aspect, aiming to help businesses or organizations navigate and resolve their IT, technology, and business challenges. Instead of merely delivering a service, consultants engage in strategic problem-solving, providing significant value and long-term solutions.

are you ready to transform your it career?

Stop limiting yourself to traditional career paths. With IIITC, you can unlock unlimited potential, diversify your income, and enjoy the freedom you’ve always desired. It’s not just about technical skills; it’s about building a complete, fulfilling career on your terms.

learn from global experiences across diverse domain and industries.
benefit from continuous support and personalized guidance.
you with life and business skills.

Your Journey to Professional Freedom™ in It starts here. Join the growing community for IT professionals who are taking charge of their futures with IIITC.

Join Our Free Training classes Now! and embark on a transformative path to success, growth and independence. Discover the IIITC way and redefined your IT career today!

The IIITC: Trusted by IT Professionals across Canada

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