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Program Syllabus:

Our syllabus is meticulously designed to provide you with a holistic understanding of the Canadian IT sector. From industry know-how to the most in-demand technical skills, we cover it all.

1. Introduction to the Canadian IT Industry: An overview of the industry's landscape, key players, emerging trends, and an analysis of the job market specific to IT roles in Canada.
2. Technical Skills Development: Tailored modules focusing on the most in-demand technical skills sought by Canadian employers in the IT sector.
3. Soft Skills Training and Corporate Etiquette: Training sessions aimed at developing essential soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, along with an understanding of Canadian corporate etiquette.
4. Understanding Canadian Workplace Culture: Insights into the nuances of workplace culture in Canada, including expectations, norms, and adapting to a new work environment.
5. Job Search Strategies in Canada: Strategies for effective job searching, including resume building, leveraging social media, and navigating the Canadian job market.
6. Basic Financial Education Including Taxes: Providing a fundamental understanding of personal finance in Canada, with a focus on taxation and financial planning for IT professionals.
7. Regulatory and Legal Aspects: Information on work permits, visas, employment laws, and other legal considerations relevant to IT professionals in Canada.
8. Interview Preparation and Offer Negotiation: Techniques and strategies to excel in job interviews and effectively negotiate job offers.
9. Professional Networking (Virtual & In Person): Guidance on building and leveraging professional networks, both online and offline, to advance one's career in the IT sector.
10. Preparation for Internship: Ensuring participants are ready for their internship, with a focus on maximizing learning, exposure, and performance during their practical experience.



Experience & Expertise:

With a robust 23 years in the IT industry, Sabrish stands as a multi-skilled management consultant who has been the driving force behind several enterprise transformation initiatives across public sector, corporate, and private companies. His diverse experience extends to mentoring CEOs on business strategy, operations, team management, and growth.


Sabrish’s commitment to excellence is evident in his portfolio of over 30 certifications, encompassing project management, business analysis, quality assurance, data analytics, agile transformation, product management, and change management. His role as a consultant has seen him wear many hats, providing invaluable insights in various capacities.

Training Philosophy:

Sabrish believes that succeeding in Canada’s IT sector goes beyond technical know-how; it’s about a people-centric approach. He emphasizes the importance of perspective, creativity, and soft skills like work ethics, core values, and compassion. According to him, these personal attributes are as crucial as technical prowess for thriving in the Canadian IT landscape.

Personal Journey:

As an early immigrant, Sabrish’s path wasn’t without challenges. He has experienced failures, losses, and heartbreaks while navigating and understanding Canada’s IT sector. These experiences have fueled his passion for helping newcomers integrate seamlessly. For Sabrish, this program is more than just training; it’s a way to give back to the country that offered him a fulfilling career, business success, and a network of connections. Through his guidance, he aims to provide a ladder for others to achieve their own Canadian dream.


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Enrollment Process

Embark on your journey towards a successful IT career in Canada with our structured and supportive enrollment process. Here’s how you can get started:

what experts & industry leaders say

“Sabrish is very detailed and can give you a step by step roadmap”

– Dev Sethi
CEO – Wealth On Command, Australia

“I highly recommend Sabrish for his experience and expertise in IT”

– Joel Shee
CEO – Thats IT, Singapore

“Sabrish is very organized, very detailed and an incredible business man with a tender heart! He genuinely cares for you”

– Patricia Bartell
CEO – Diamond Legacy Mentorship, USA

“Sabrish made me realize that going slow is the ultimate way to scale my brand and my business”

– Tiziano Benvenuti
CEO – Make Money Organization, Italy

Program Eligibility Requirements

To ensure that our Canadian IT Employment Readiness Program aligns with your career aspirations and capabilities, we have set forth specific eligibility criteria. Meeting these requirements is essential for maximizing the benefits you derive from the program and ensuring a successful integration into the Canadian IT sector.

Our Program Guarantee: Secure Your Investment with Confidence

Earn Back Your Investment

With the paid internship, you can earn back your program fee, making your training and experience gain virtually cost-free.

More Than Training

Beyond the 2 months training, you connect with industry experts and a network of like-minded professionals, enriching your learning journey.

Practically Free Learning Experience

Considering the financial offset from the internship and the invaluable industry connections, your investment practically pays for itself.

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Common questions

The program is a comprehensive training and internship opportunity designed to prepare individuals for a successful career in Canada’s IT sector. It includes 8 weeks of intensive training, followed by a 1-month paid internship.

Eligibility is open to individuals with a diploma or degree, preferably in IT or a related field. Applicants should have basic English proficiency and the legal right to study and work in Canada. Prior IT experience is beneficial but not required. Check eligibility requirements now:

The program syllabus includes everything needed to prepare for the IT sector in Canada, such as industry knowledge, technical skills, career paths, job search strategies, resume building, interview prep, networking, and more.

The program fee is $997 USD. This covers all training sessions, materials, and the internship placement.

Begin your application process by attending a 30-minute informational webinar or participating in at least one online event hosted by the IIITC. This initial step provides a comprehensive overview of the Canadian IT sector and what you can expect from the program. Following this, you can submit your application through our website and then undergo an interview/assessment process.

The total duration is 3 months, with 1 months dedicated to classroom training and a 1-month paid internship.

Internships are available in various IT roles across different organizations in Canada, providing real-world experience in the Canadian IT work environment. During the internship, participants are eligible for a pay rate of $15 per hour. However, the total hours of employment may vary based on the specific requirements set by the employers.

Yes, in addition to job search strategies, resume building, and interview preparation, we also refer participants to our extensive network of employers and consulting companies across Canada. Candidates will go through our vetting process, ensuring they are well-prepared and aligned with potential job opportunities in the IT sector.

While individual results may vary, the key to success for newcomers is obtaining Canadian experience, which is a central aim of our program. We are committed to ensuring that participants gain this invaluable experience, opening doors to new employment opportunities in the IT sector. Consequently, many of our graduates have successfully secured positions, underlining the effectiveness of our program in enhancing employability in Canada’s IT industry.

International students can apply, provided they have the legal right to study and engage in a paid internship in Canada.