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Celebrate this Holiday Season with a Gift to Your Career!


Finish the Year Strong and Set a New Income Trajectory for the New Year!

As the year comes to a close, don’t let another opportunity to elevate your career and your income slip away. This holiday season, gift yourself the ultimate investment: a future free from income worries and filled with endless potential.

Why remain the same when the year is renewing itself? Make this holiday season truly special by joining our exclusive programs designed to skyrocket your IT career.

Here’s what you can gift yourself:

Holiday Special: Double Your Income in 90 Days - Jumpstart Pack

New Year, New Heights: Six-Figure Consultancy Blueprint

Designed for IT professionals serious about making six-figures through consulting.

Business-in-a-Box Solutions

Branding &
Positioning Pack

What You Get: Comprehensive branding strategy, logo design, and market positioning.

Tech Stack and Startup Setup Pack

What You Get: Recommended technology stack, business setup guide, and workflow optimization.

Marketing &
Sales Strategy Pack

What You Get: Sales funnels, marketing strategies, and social media plan.

Each pack comes with a customized pricing option (Book a strategy call for first-time investor pricing).

Why Choose These Special Offers?

Limited-Time Discounts:

Special pricing exclusively for those who act now.

Proven Results:

Leverage our decades of experience to reach your income goals faster.

Flexible Plans:

Packages can be tailored to your specific needs and time constraints.

How to Avail These Offers

Step 1:
Click the “Book a Strategy Session” button
Step 2:
Complete the quick survey to help us understand your needs.
Step 3:
Schedule your session to discuss your goals and unlock special first-time investor pricing.

The Ultimate Game-Changer: Work 1-on-1 with Coach Sabrish Chand to Set Up Your Six-Figure Business

Ready to go all-in and catapult your IT career and business to unprecedented heights? What better way to ensure your success than to work directly with a seasoned expert?

Join our elite term program, where you work 1-on-1 with Coach Sabrish Chand for 4 to 12 months to completely overhaul and skyrocket your business into the six-figure realm. From planning and strategy to execution and scaling, get personalized mentorship at each step.

Special Term Program Pricing:

Customized (Book a strategy call for first-time investor pricing)

This is the ultimate holiday investment for yourself. Experience a transformative journey designed to completely redefine your career and financial trajectory.

Spots Are Limited. Book Your Strategy Call Now to Secure Your Place for the Year!


Every success story featured here tells a tale of transformation – from ordinary IT professionals to extraordinary consultants. Witness how our alumni have applied the skills and knowledge gained from our programs to make remarkable strides in their careers, achieve financial freedom, and create impactful IT solutions.

“I knew I had something, but wasn’t sure how to take my career to next level…The CPC program has changed my life! I now realize my value and am able to confidently pursue multiple six figure opportunities on my own”

Agile Transformation Expert

“I had to pivot in my career and wanted to get into IT in Canada, the CPC program has been very enlightening, showing me I can become self sufficient while confidently pursuing my own consulting opportunities”

Finance & Data Expert

“I wanted to break out of my shell…The CPC program has revealed my strengths and weaknesses to me…I now know what exactly to work on and the path I need to take to make my six-figure income dream possible”

Technical & Cloud Expert

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