Welcome to the IIITC Success Stories page – a testament to the transformative power of our programs and the incredible potential of our dedicated students. These inspiring narratives showcase the journeys of IT professionals who, equipped with our training and resources, have successfully reinvented their careers and unlocked unprecedented growth.


Every success story featured here tells a tale of transformation – from ordinary IT professionals to extraordinary consultants. Witness how our alumni have applied the skills and knowledge gained from our programs to make remarkable strides in their careers, achieve financial freedom, and create impactful IT solutions.

“I knew I had something, but wasn’t sure how to take my career to next level…The CPC program has changed my life! I now realize my value and am able to confidently pursue multiple six figure opportunities on my own”

Agile Transformation Expert

“I had to pivot in my career and wanted to get into IT in Canada, the CPC program has been very enlightening, showing me I can become self sufficient while confidently pursuing my own consulting opportunities”

Finance & Data Expert

“I wanted to break out of my shell…The CPC program has revealed my strengths and weaknesses to me…I now know what exactly to work on and the path I need to take to make my six-figure income dream possible”

Technical & Cloud Expert


Hear directly from our alumni about their experiences with IIITC – the challenges they faced, the breakthroughs they had, and how their lives have changed since joining our community. These firsthand accounts provide a genuine insight into the potent impact of our programs.

“I can’t believe how much I’ve grown in just six months of being in the CPC program. Now I can speak freely and confidently without hesitation. The supportive community of professional consultants in the program has been instrumental in my journey.”

“The CPC program has been incredibly beneficial for me. I have been able to translate all the knowledge and skills I’ve gained over the years to provide valuable solutions for corporate organizations and individuals.”

“It’s not just about the syllabus and course content, but the supportive community of accomplished professionals who bring different perspectives on issues and discussions in class. This community has been invaluable in guiding me throughout my journey.”

“The CPC program has been truly enlightening and life-changing for me. It has transformed the way I present myself to clients, focusing not on my job title but on what I can do for them. I am grateful for the opportunity to work in this program.”

“Before starting the program, I was a full-time employee who was hesitant to speak up about important topics that mattered to me. However, this program has transformed me in many ways. I was able to delve deeper into myself, change my mindset and gain confidence to speak about the topics that mattered to me.”

“We are a group of professional consultants who support each other in this transformative journey. If you are considering becoming a sought-after consultant, especially in today’s uncertain job market, this is the path you should consider.”

“I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a career transition in IT, seeking a six-figure job, or wanting to establish their own consulting practice. The program offers the flexibility to balance work and study and I am confident that anyone who takes on this program will never regret it.”


While the title ‘Six Figure Consultant™‘ indicates a high income, these success stories delve into much more than just financial gain. They highlight the sense of fulfillment, the achievement of personal goals, and the creation of a work-life balance that our training and mentorship bring about.


Each of these success stories started with a decision – the decision to take a leap, to invest in oneself, and to aspire for more. If you’re inspired by these stories and ready to script your own success saga, we invite you to explore our programs and take the first step towards a rewarding and lucrative career as a Six Figure Consultant™.

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We are excited to share these success stories with you and look forward to adding many more as our community continues to grow. Stay tuned to witness the power of the IIITC effect!

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