Introducing The Six Figure Consultant Guild™

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Join an exclusive circle of IT professionals striving for career advancement and financial independence through IT consulting. Your journey towards entrepreneurial success starts here with The Six Figure Consultant Guild™.


Ascend in Your IT Career: Progress from Skilled Consultant to Entrepreneur

Are you a successful graduate of our Certified Professional Consultant (CPC) program? Are you ready to elevate your career trajectory? If this sounds like you, our exclusive membership group, “The Six Figure Consultant Guild™,” is precisely the next step for you.

The Guild is a comprehensive training and mentoring community built for our CPC graduates, with a focus on advanced strategies, tactics, and expertise in IT consulting and business entrepreneurship.

Our three-year program, with a minimum one-year commitment, delivers an MBA-level curriculum designed to prepare you for more than just premium consulting. It equips you for leading, managing, and expanding global businesses and brands as a successful entrepreneur.

Upon completing the CPC program and learning to think and act as professional consultants, the Guild aims to propel you further. You’ll transition your mindset, broaden your knowledge, and hone your abilities to transform from a consultant into a thriving entrepreneur, capable of delivering a value of $250 per hour.

This opportunity is exclusively for our devoted CPC graduates who are prepared to invest in their personal growth, take on entrepreneurial challenges, and shape their future.

Is this you? Your entrepreneurial journey commences here.


Training, Coaching, Advisory & Membership


36 Months with 12 Months
Minimum Commitment 


Advanced IT, Consulting & Entrepreneurship


Regular Training, Coaching & Advisory Sessions


Online, Self-Paced, Instructor Led, Community Based

Who Is This Program For?

The Six-Figure Consultant Guild™ is an elite, invite-only program, designed specifically for a chosen group of IT professionals. These individuals have proven their commitment, dedication, and potential for exceptional success in the IT consulting field. However, this program is not for everyone.

It’s solely available for graduates of our Certified Professional Consultant (CPC) program, who have shown their ambition and potential for growth through rigorous training and the professional consulting knowledge they’ve acquired.

Invitations are not extended to all CPC graduates. We selectively invite those who we feel are prepared to embrace the challenge, as we strive to maintain the highest standards of training and personalized attention.

This program represents a major advancement, crafted for those eager to transition from consulting to entrepreneurship. If you’re determined to climb to the pinnacle of the IT consulting industry and ready to work hard to get there, this could be your journey.

Are you among the chosen few ready to undertake this challenge? Are you prepared to join an elite group of IT consulting entrepreneurs?

If you’re ready to take the next step and shape your destiny, JOIN THE GUILD TODAY!

To be eligible for the Guild Membership Program, you must:

  1. Be an active member of the Certified Professional Consultant (CPC) community.
  2. Maintain a positive standing within the community.
  3. Have completed all module exercises within the CPC program.
  4. Demonstrate an attendance record of at least 75% for online classes.
  5. Have shown a willingness to step outside your comfort zone.
  6. Have successfully earned the CPC certification.
  7. Have completed all activities and ad-hoc assignments provided through the community forum.
  8. Exhibit a genuine commitment to continuous growth and improvement.

Why Join the Six Figure Consultant Guild™?

The Six Figure Consultant Guild™ is more than just a membership – it’s a community of like-minded IT Consultants on a journey towards building and scaling their consulting and coaching businesses. We understand the challenges you face in the IT industry, and we’ve designed this program to provide active ongoing support, resources, and community you need to overcome these challenges and achieve your business goals.

Guild Membership Benefits:

Continued Education

Continued Education

Benefit from our training, coaching, and one-on-one sessions, along with community support to enhance your entrepreneurship and advanced consulting skills. This program is designed to extend the strategic thinking abilities you developed in the CPC program, ensuring continuous professional growth.


Networking Opportunities

Gain exclusive access to a global network of successful six-figure consultants and renowned speakers from various fields. These connections can open up new opportunities and insights for your business.

Mentorship & Coaching

Mentorship and Coaching

Get personalized and focused guidance based on your specific needs and your current stage in your journey. Our mentorship program aims to provide essential support to help you tackle challenges and fast-track your success.


Access to Resources

Utilize a comprehensive array of tools, resources, frameworks, workshops, and training sessions. We strive to provide everything you need for the success of your consulting practice and entrepreneurial ventures.


Peer Support

Join a unique community of like-minded professionals who share knowledge, insights, and encouragement to help each other grow. The Guild offers a supportive network that’s different from what you’ve experienced in the CPC program.


The Guild Membership program aims to empower you in establishing your own IT Consulting and Coaching business by providing you with extensive resources and personalized benefits that will expedite your growth and success.

We provide two membership tiers, each tailored to suit your specific needs and objectives:

1. Community Access Membership

This entry-level tier offers a gateway into the Guild community and its resources. You’ll gain access to group training and coaching sessions, as well as an interactive community, ensuring a nurturing environment for your growth and learning.

2. Priority Access Membership

This VIP tier encompasses all the benefits of the Community Access level, along with the added advantage of priority access to new resources, events, and personalized guidance from the Master Consultant. This level is engineered to deliver an enhanced, individualized experience and bespoke solutions for your specific niche, making it the perfect choice for members ready to catapult their IT consulting business to greater heights.

Choose the membership tier that aligns best with your goals and prepare to elevate your IT Consulting and Coaching practice to unprecedented levels!


As a committed IT professional poised for an unprecedented leap in your career, we extend an invitation for you to join our exclusive Guild. This is a golden opportunity to learn from top-tier consultants, access premium resources, and become part of a dedicated community.

Community Access Membership

As a Community Access Member, your benefits include:

  • Group-based learning through online training, coaching, and advisory sessions.
  • Access to a private community and chat group of fellow IT consultants.
  • Bi-monthly webinars or Q&A sessions with industry experts.
  • Access to a rich library of resources, including articles, videos, and templates.
  • Discounts on additional programs, courses, and events we offer.
  • Special discounts on done-for-you services like website design, marketing strategy designs, personal branding, business planning, and financial planning.

Priority Access Membership

As a Priority Access Member, you’ll enjoy all the Community Access benefits, plus:

  • Exclusive access to our premium member community portal.
  • Personalized monthly 1:1 coaching sessions with the Master Consultant.
  • Weekly laser coaching memos, providing focused guidance.
  • Active participation in 12 strategic challenges throughout the year.
  • Access to a live room for meetups, promoting strong connections.
  • Exclusive access to Q&A forums for fast-tracked problem-solving.
  • Priority access to new resources or events.
  • Regular exercises and assessments to monitor your progress and development.
  • Quarterly access to expert interview meetings for deep-dive learning.
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes learning from our business operations.
  • Enhanced discounts on done-for-you services.
  • Exclusive opportunities for networking, collaboration, and joint ventures with IIITC.

Who Should Join the Six Figure Consultant Guild™?

This program is ideal for IT professionals who are committed to growing their IT consulting business. Whether you have completed our Comprehensive Professional Consultant (CPC) Program or have equivalent experience, the Six Figure Consultant Guild™ could be the perfect fit for you. If you’re looking for a supportive community and personalized guidance, we invite you to consider joining our Guild.


To create a community that aligns well with everyone involved, we have designed an application process for the Guild. We initiate this process with a profile assessment that helps determine your eligibility to join this high-profile consulting community. The goal is to ensure our community is the right fit for you and you can leverage the maximum benefits from our program.

To begin, simply click on the “Take the Assessment” button and fill out the form. We’ll review your responses promptly and get back to you, indicating whether you’re a suitable fit for the Guild.

Embark on your journey towards becoming a successful IT consultant by joining the Six Figure Consultant Guild™ today.

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