workshop overview

"Uncharted Growth: Stacking Experience for a Non-linear IT Career" is an exclusive workshop designed for ambitious IT professionals and consultants eager to explore diverse opportunities and build a multifaceted career. Guided by Sabrish Chand, an IT industry luminary with 22 years of unparalleled experience, this workshop uncovers the roadmap to strategic skill diversification, successful career navigation, and effective networking techniques.

DATE: October , 2023

MODE: Virtual

workshop Details:

  1. Embracing Diverse IT Opportunities:
    • Objective: Recognize and seize various opportunities in the ever-changing IT landscape.
    • Content: Identifying and analyzing unique roles, industries, and domains within IT.
    • Outcome: Foster flexibility and adaptability to pursue a rich array of career paths.
  2. Techniques for Skill Diversification:
    • Objective: Master practical techniques to diversify and enrich your IT skills.
    • Content: Explore methodologies for acquiring and integrating a wide array of IT competencies.
    • Outcome: Create a robust, versatile skill portfolio for a dynamic career.
  3. Case Studies of Successful Non-linear Career Paths:
    • Objective: Extract valuable lessons from real-world examples of thriving non-linear IT careers.
    • Content: In-depth analysis of varied career trajectories, decisions, and growth patterns.
    • Outcome: Draw insights and motivation from proven, non-conventional career approaches.
  4. Balancing Specialization and Generalization:
    • Objective: Discover the art of striking the perfect balance between specialization and generalization.
    • Content: Strategies to assess when to hone specific skills and when to broaden your IT knowledge base.
    • Outcome: Develop a tailored approach for lifelong learning, alignment, and growth.
  5. Networking and Collaboration Across Different IT Domains:
    • Objective: Foster valuable connections and synergies across diverse IT fields.
    • Content: Learn networking strategies, collaboration best practices, and relationship-building techniques.
    • Outcome: Strengthen your professional network, enabling fruitful collaborations and career growth.

Whether you're an IT professional exploring varied career avenues or an entrepreneur eager to conquer multiple domains in the IT realm, "Uncharted Growth" offers hands-on insights and personalized guidance. Engage with real-world examples, interactive exercises, and coaching from Sabrish Chand, and embark on a journey that transcends traditional career paths.

Join us to explore the untrodden paths of non-linear career growth and redefine what success means in the IT industry with "Uncharted Growth."

what expert Consultants say

what experts & industry leaders say

“Sabrish is very detailed and can give you a step by step roadmap”

– Dev Sethi
CEO – Wealth On Command, Australia

“I highly recommend Sabrish for his experience and expertise in IT”

– Joel Shee
CEO – Thats IT, Singapore

“Sabrish is very organized, very detailed and an incredible business man with a tender heart! He genuinely cares for you”

– Patricia Bartell
CEO – Diamond Legacy Mentorship, USA

“Sabrish made me realize that going slow is the ultimate way to scale my brand and my business”

– Tiziano Benvenuti
CEO – Make Money Organization, Italy

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